Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibilities and if you want to take over these responsibilities successfully then adopts these 5 weekend habits by Anita C  Roberts:

Get recharged for the week ahead

After the week long schedule, you need to find a way that can re-energize you. It can be anything like music, dancing or a game of your choice.

Spend time in solitude

It gives you a chance to think and sort out your problems. During this time, you can even write a journal and discover the answers to your problem.

No devices for a day

Choose to unplug for at least one day a week. It will keep you mentally as well as physically fit, letting you experience fresh perspective.


You need to figure out what’s wrong and what’s  right in your daily routine and this can be done in the best way during weekends. Reflection is one valuable investment that will help you define your goals and will take you to the next level of success.

Plan the week ahead

For me, I plan the entire week on the night of Sunday and it helps me to maintain the efficiency for the entire week.

These are the 5 weekend habits that I practice every weekend. One thing I want to tell you is, you might get tempted to avoid these routines as they appear to be small, but in reality, it is an art to master these habits.


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